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The staff at Gillware are what set our lab apart and allow us to solve the most complex data recovery cases at the best prices. They also make us more fun. Here’s what our summer intern Nicole Long found out about Joel Taylor for our eighth employee profile . . .

Joel Taylor is a University of Wisconsin-Madison alumnus. He was also on the prestigious marching band at UW. Joel is a read/write hard drive head specialist in Gillware’s engineering department.joel

Gillware Blog: What did you study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison?

Joel: I got my degree in horticulture. My parents were gardeners when I was growing up so I was always interested in plants. There is a whole science to growing plants properly. It interested me, and it was a good science degree.

Gillware Blog: You were also in the University of Wisconsin-Madison marching band.

Joel: Yeah, I played trumpet. As a freshman it was pretty overwhelming. You see all those people in Camp Randall, and you’ve probably never been in front of that many people before. We had about 2 hour practices 4 days a week and then 2 hours before games on Saturdays. Wisconsin’s marching band is also known for their Fifth Quarter tradition. We would march onto the field after the game for 15 minutes to play school songs like On Wisconsin, If You Want to Be a Badger, the Chicken Dance, and many more. I actually met Brian, the CEO of Gillware Data Recovery, because we were in the same trumpet rank together our freshman year.

Gillware Blog: What do you do at Gillware?

Joel: When a hard drive’s read/write heads have failed, it’s my job to replace them in the ISO 100 Class 5 clean room. Gillware has proprietary data recovery tools and an enormous library of compatible hard drive parts to replace damaged read/write heads. A lot of the times if the hard drive is clicking repetitively or making some unpleasant noises, the heads needs to be replaced. There’s kind of an art to it, and I was trained to do head replacements over the years.

Gillware Blog: Tell us about the backyard animals you have at home.

Joel: My wife and I like animals a lot, and when we moved to a house with a backyard we decided to get 4 chickens.

Gillware Blog: Where does one buy a chicken?

Joel: Mail order. They came in a box from Connecticut.joel with chickens

Gillware Blog: Do they have names like a regular pet?

Joel: They do, but 3 of them look exactly the same. We used to have leg bands on them, but they fell off so we don’t know which one is which. We use their fresh eggs. I can’t eat store bought eggs anymore; you can really taste the difference.

Gillware Blog: Do you have any other pets?

Joel: We have 4 dogs and 2 cats. They get along fine with the chickens too; the dogs completely ignore them. My mom was watching my son at our house recently, and she brought her 2 little dogs. They’re a lot smaller than my dogs, so I figured they would be fine, but one of them attacked one of our chickens and pulled off a bunch of feathers.

Gillware Blog: Did you end up having a chicken dinner?

Joel: It seemed a little traumatized, but it is fine now. My family doesn’t eat meat anyways. We will probably keep them as pets until they die and then bury them like you would a dog.

Gillware Blog: How long have you been a vegetarian?

Joel: I’m actually a pescetarian, because I still eat fish. I haven’t eaten meat since I was 19 years old. I think it started when I became really involved with horticulture, but I never ate that much meat anyways. I eat dairy.

Gillware Blog: If you eat cheese, Wisconsin is a good place to be.

Joel: I also drink beer – and make my own. Pretty much all you have to do is combine the ingredients, boil it all, put it in big glass jars, and let it ferment for awhile. It’s really easy and it tastes great.

Gillware Blog: We were looking through the pictures you sent us. Is that you in the chicken suit?

Joel: OMG, I didn’t mean to send you that one. It’s a Halloween costume.joel chicken suit

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Marketing Specialist at Gillware Data Recovery and Gillware Online Backup. December 2013 graduate of the University of Wisconsin in Journalism and Spanish. Cheerleading and social media enthusiast.

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  1. Jesse Clark
    June 25, 2013 at 6:46 pm #

    I think Joel should come into work in the chicken suit sometime. I like the idea of a chicken man fixing hard drives.

  2. Jason Braun
    June 25, 2013 at 8:18 pm #

    This is GREAT! Congrats on the kid Joel!

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