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Our summer marketing intern, UW-Madison student Nicole Long, is on a quest to interview the Gillware staff. Our people are what set our lab apart and allow us to solve the most complex data recovery cases at the best prices. They also make us more fun. Here’s what Nicole found out about Lynne Everson for our fourth employee profile . . .lynne headshot

Lynne Everson was born and raised here in Madison, WI. After college, Lynne joined the Gillware team. Here’s a behind-the-scene look at sales representative Lynne.

Gillware Blog: You are more than just a sales rep here at Gillware. Tell us about your other title.

Lynne: I’m actually Mayor of Gillware Data Recovery right now according to foursquare. It always goes back and forth between me and another sales guy.Lynne foursquare

I love working for Gillware though. I love being in sales and talking to people; we work with the best people.

Gillware Blog: You’ve passed out multiple times. Tell us about that.

Lynne: The first time was because I gave blood in high school. I was done giving blood and I was standing by the cracker table and I just slammed onto the table. I don’t remember anything after that until I woke up with a cool washcloth on my forehead lying on a table.

Another time was when I was tanning in a stand up booth right before prom, and I must have locked my knees because I passed out. My friend who worked there heard a thump and thought I just ran into something, but I was passed out butt naked. I even hurt my hand and had to have it wrapped up. Those were some of my finer moments.

Gillware Blog: Have you sought out better ways to maintain a tan?

Lynne: I love to travel. My mom was a travel agent so we could get deals on hotels sometimes. We went to all kinds of places, including several trips to Mexico. I’ve been to Cancun, Huatulco, and Puerto Vallarta 2 times. My family would always go for spring break. I also got to swim with dolphins there.lynne dolphins mexico

Gillware Blog: There are 319 episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and you have watched every one of them. Did you ever want to be a cop?

Lynne: No, I just really like the show. I like how they unravel all the psychology.

Gillware Blog: You have a lot of crazy flavors of chewing gum. What gum flavors do you have at your desk right now?

Lynne: I have root beer float, mint chocolate chip ice cream, creamsicle, rainbow sherbet, and lemon bar right now.

Gillware Blog: You’re a pretty serious golfer. How’d that come about?

Lynne: I started golfing very minimally with my dad when I was about 5 years old. He would let me start halfway through the hole, like when we were 100 yards out. I mostly just liked driving the golf cart when I was younger. I didn’t ever really take golf seriously until high school.

My dad is really athletic: he played football, basketball, and baseball in college. So I also played softball from 3rd grade to high school. When I started in 3rd grade they didn’t have a softball league, so I was 1 of 2 girls on the entire baseball league. I wanted to play, but I was awful—I struck out every single time and I played right field. So I decided to try golf in high school.

Our high school girls golf team did well, but we up against some really serious teams in the area. When I first started, I definitely threw my clubs into the range a couple of times. That got me in a tricky spot, but I hung with it. Golf is fun.

Gillware Blog: You went from team sports to a sorority and living with 5 girls in college, right?

Lynne: I don’t recommend anyone living with 5 girls, ever.

Gillware Blog: But it’s influenced your wardrobe. How many cardigans do you own?

Lynne: Probably 37.

Gillware Blog: What else are you into?

Lynne: I love pigs. I want a teacup pig so badly. I also love giraffes, but obviously I can’t have a giraffe. There used to be that DirecTV commercial with a mini giraffe, and I seriously wanted one after that commercial. Someone even made a fake live camera website at a miniature giraffe farm. I would watch it religiously; it was my dream to have one.

Connect with Lynne on LinkedIn here

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