Gillware Data Recovery Employee Profile: Hue Lor


The staff at Gillware is what sets our lab apart and allows us to solve the most complex data recovery cases at the best prices. They also make us more fun. Here’s what I found out about Hue Lor for our tenth employee profile . . .

Hue Lor was born in Thailand, but he grew up and went to college here in Wisconsin. Hue is a very talented Gillware employee. As a singer he makes CDs for his fans in the Hmong community, and as an engineer he repairs hard drives for Gillware customers.

HueGillware Blog: Where did you work before Gillware?

Hue: My first job was when I was 16 years old and I was working at McDonalds. My second job was selling knives.

Gillware Blog: Can you throw knives?

Hue: No, I was just selling knives for CUTCO, but it was still fun.

Gillware Blog: You own a motorcycle license. How did that come about?

Hue: That was a challenge. One of my buddies rides a motorcycle, and I thought it was fun so I took a motorcycle class. Now I know how to ride, but I don’t have a bike. I was going to get one, but Wisconsin has 4 seasons so it would have to be stored a lot of the year. If I did buy one, I would get something sporty like a crotch rocket.

Gillware Blog: How did you start working for Gillware?

Hue: I moved to Madison when I was 18 to go to Herzing University. Gillware came to my school for a job fair and I spoke with Brian, the CEO of Gillware Data Recovery. I was hired as an intern here for 2 years and then hired full time upon graduation. As an engineer here I do data recovery, so I fix hard drives and do data extraction. If a drive is broken, we have to fix it.

Gillware Blog: You take power naps on breaks at work. How does that work?

Hue: I just sleep right on the couch in the break room. I close my eyes and then I am just gone for 10 minutes. I’m good with that, because I can sleep easily.  Naps refresh my mind for the second half of the day. Coworkers will just look at me and poke me to make sure I’m still alive.

Gillware Blog: You are always reading. What kind of books do you enjoy?

Hue: I read a lot of bibliographies about successful people. I have read about Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and some of the older people like Henry Ford. I learn about how they think, why they become rich, and stuff like that. I like to study from people who are more successful.

Gillware Blog: You are involved in the Hmong community. Tell me about that part of your life.

Hue being recognized as a young professional and leader in the Hmong community

Hue: Hmong is my first language. I am actually an immigrant from Thailand—I was born on a refugee camp involved with the Vietnam War. I live in two separate worlds here. When I am home, it is all about my culture, and when I go to work and school…everything is different, modern. It just has to be balanced. I’m recognized as a young professional and leader in the Hmong community. The cool thing about being bilingual and having two different cultures is that you can compare and contrast them and then keep what’s good and avoid what’s bad to teach to younger generations. Just being a role model for them is the best thing I can do. I like to influence people to do good things.

Gillware Blog: You are known at work as our very own Hmong pop star. Tell us about that.

Hue: That’s just a hobby on the side. I like to sing for fun. I perform for the Hmong community as volunteer work. I like to do service for them—just helping some people out by entertaining them. They ask me to come every once and awhile, because they like younger people to perform too. I also made CDs because people would ask me for something to have after watching me perform. I have some fans, but I really do it for the experience and for the fun.

Gillware Blog: Hmong riddles, txhiaj txhais, are usually two or three lines about a simple object or action. Can you share one?

Hue: I do know some Hmong riddles. One simple one is, “What is a bowl that cannot hold water? A nest.”

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