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The staff at Gillware is what sets our lab apart and allows us to solve the most complex data recovery cases at the best prices. They also make us more fun. Here’s what I found out about Florence Whitehead for our eleventh employee profile . . .

Florence Whitehead, or Flo as we like to call her, had years of experience on the phone before she joined the sales team at Gillware. When Flo isn’t working, she enjoys being outside and hunting.  

Florence's Profile PictureGillware Blog: You are another Madison, WI native, right?

Flo: Well I grew up in Madison, but I am originally from England. My parents were born and raised in England, and then we moved to the US when I was 4. I have been back 5 or 6 times to visit. I wish I could visit more often, but everything is so expensive there. It would be awesome to live in England again one day. A girl can dream, right?

Gillware Blog: Did you ever have an English accent?

Flo: I had an English accent when I was younger, but I was in kindergarten when we moved here so I lost it right away. If I lived over there again, I would definitely pick it up. I’m so bummed—I wish I still had an English accent.

Gillware Blog: Florence is not a very common name in the US. Why did your parents pick that name for you?

Flo:  My mother actually wanted to name me Zoey, but my Dad did not like that name at all. He thought I was too pretty (even as a baby!) to be named Zoey. Florence is also a very European name. My dad thought I should be named after Florence, Italy because of how beautiful it is there.

Gillware Blog: Your dad worked in Guyana, South America and he took you with. What was that experience like?

Flo: My dad was an anthropology professor at the University of Wisconsin and he did a lot of his research in Guyana. My dad was also chair of the anthropology department at the UW-Madison and was a very distinguished academic and writer. Unfortunately he passed away but his legacy definitely lives on. When I went to Guyana with him he was doing some digging and researching of very old ruins that he had discovered on a previous trip. He was researching with some other locals in Guyana as well as some faculty from the University of Florida.

I got to sit in on a presentation my dad gave to the students at the University of Guyana. I swam in the Amazon River at a resort that the Queen of England likes, and I also went on a tour of the Amazon River with some of the locals. I was able to visit reservations where some family members of the people we were staying with lived. The people we were staying with also took us to traditional restaurants and art galleries that featured their personal art. I even got to spend some time in the capitol, Georgetown, to get a feel for the pace of life down there. I experienced lots of different things with my dad in Guyana.

Gillware Blog: You worked at Hamilton CapTel for over 4 years before you came to Gillware. What did you do there?

Flo: I created captions for incoming and outgoing calls in order to provide legally deaf or hard of hearing customers with the ability to communicate with a wide array of people. Working as a captioning assistant taught me incredible patience and discipline. It has given me greater empathy towards those who struggle with being deaf or hard of hearing. You don’t realize the importance of being able to communicate verbally until you have worked at CapTel.

Gillware Blog: What do you do at Gillware?

Flo: One of my jobs is to make outbound sales calls to follow-up leads generated from Gillware’s online immediate price estimate and case submission forms. One time, one of our tech support employees, Jesse, was filling out an online quote form because he wanted to test the system. It was really busy at work and when I was blasting through the calls, I accidentally called him. So he picked up the phone and I said, “Hi Jesse, my name is Florence. I’m calling from Gillware,” before I realized who it was. I had sent him an e-mail and everything. That was kind of embarrassing.

Gillware Blog: Both of those jobs have probably made you a great speaker.

Florence hunting with her father

Florence hunting with her father

Flo: Definitely, but I’m also really good at writing. I can pretty much write about anything. I don’t have a diary or a blog, but I always enjoyed writing papers in college.

Gillware Blog: You also go hunting. How did you get into that?

Flo: I’ve been hunting with my dad since I was 11 years old. Now I go with my fiancé and his friends. I have shot a couple deer myself. The first deer I shot was actually the biggest one I ever got.

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